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ROG Strix X570-E & 3800x - Boost Speed Issues

Level 7

Is anyone running the above mentioned combination encountering issues reaching their maximum boost speeds? Perhaps I'm betting a bit petty here, but for single core speeds, the highest i've seen is 4460 running Cinebench R20. For all cores, I'm seeing 4180. I'm running all stock settings except my memory is DDR4-3600 and is set to use the appropriate XMP profile.

Idle temperature in Windows is about 34C and load temperatures are ~54C for single core test, and ~72C for all core (again, Cinebench R20). Running the latest BIOS and drivers and Ryzen Balanced Plan. Idle voltage seems to hang around ~1v (.9-1.1) and I've never seen load voltage go above ~`1.4.

Wondering if there is anything minor I can adjust or I should just suck it up and eventually my OCD will fade away and I'll forget. My goal of course is to be hitting 4500+ single and I'd love to see 4200+ on all cores (again I know this is minor).

Just upgraded from a 2600K that I've been running for 5-6 years so this was an interesting switch back to the other camp and I'm still getting up to speed. Mot information I've found on this is rather dated and a lot of people indicate BIOS updates fixed it (BIOS is 1405).

Appreciate any insight.