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ROG Strix B450-i Ryzen 3000/ Zen 2 BIOS: When?

Level 7
I picked up a good deal on the titled motherboard for use in a Louqe Ghost S1 case and a GTX 1080 Ti SFF build after I saw AMD's slide showing all 400 series chipset boards will have Zen 2 support. So far, the ROG Strix B450-i hasn't received a BIOS that explicitly states there is support for the new series of 7nm processors from AMD.

I say this because, despite their getting 2xxx revision BIOSes like the rest of the 400 series chipset based Asus board, these updates do not :

1.)Say anything about "support new CPU", "AGESA" or newer that isn't an AGESA rev that was for Pinnacle Ridge (Zen +)

2.)Did not have the same approximate 5MB increase in file size tha tmost other boards had when the 3k series CPUs were integrated into the code.

So my question is there any sort of an ETA for when we'll see a Zen 2 family supporting BIOS drop for this board?


Level 8
According to this:

It should already be supported, but again, the lack of release notes is annoying.