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Anyone experienced the following with the mentioned board:

After 6/10 system starts my system don't see the LAN adapter or my mouse at all. I need to restart the system or replug my mouse to solve the issue. I've experienced the mouse connection issue within UEFI too. Furthermore I experiencing further annoying problems, such as random video signal loose (especially when I start a fan calibration within AISuite 3). After that, I can only revive my system with a hardreset.

I tried to reinstall windows/nvidia driver/chipset driver, etc. And of course, I have the latest BIOS version.

Now, I sent back the board to the vendor, because ASUS Support advised that. They will revise it. I hope soo, that they won't evalute that it's just a SW related issue...
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What's up guys, I have a b350f with a10 9700 and I want to install bios 6042 to install my new ryzen 7 5700g, but when I try it I get a announcement that says
"bios is not proper".
What can I do to help? pleaseeeee help me:(

Level 7
Hi All, finally had time to try to improve settings on the 3700x I bought months ago. I'm trying to optimise the PBO settings to fully utlise the cpu. Here are some findings:

1) By default @ stock, every PBO settings are on auto. The voltages show in BIOS kept at around 1.4V (which I read to be fine, at the setting it shows up as auto = 1.000V) and also mostly when idling. Maximum clocks are less than 4.4ghz when not on load, it drops to under 4ghz under load during benchmarks. Timespy cpu score is around 99XX.
2) Tuning PBO settings from various guides improved the clocks very slightly. Close to no improvements in benchmark scores.
3) Undervolting has quite an effect surprisingly, setting offset to - 0.1V, the clocks are now 4.475 ghz (unload) and 4.2 ghz (load). Scores for timespy is abt 100XX.

Tested stability seems fine, but would need long term usage to confirm this
I read some conflicting recommendations on whether or not to undervolt. Would just like to hear more from the long term users your recommendations on how to optimise this.

Hi, I just installed an NVME SSD on my board and it automatically set my GPU to 8x and it is stated on HWInfo that it is running at 8x 8GT/s and the NVME is at 4x 8GT/s. It seems confusing because Ryzen have 20 PCIe lanes, why the M.2 slot doesn't use the other 4? Couldn't find any option on the bios to configure that so I came here to see if anyone knows what is up.

edit: it looks like that just reseating the GPU worked for me. Weird thing that used to happen when I put another card on other PCIe slot.

Just leaving this here as a psa for anyone upgrading...

I recently upgraded my Ryzen 1600 to Ryzen 5600. I went straight from Bios version 0902 to 6042 on the Strix B350-f. Hope this helps 😄

Nice, I also upgrade from R5 2600 to R5 5600X. all smooth as well. BIOS from 5606 to 6042.
Finally I can utilize my 3200MHZ RAM 🤣

Level 7
Anyone on 5900x here? Any issues? On 3700x I'm maxxing out @ 120+W with Fmax enhanced and PBO oc.

im actually running the 5900x

using high performance plan and noctua d15 cooler

4 core will max at 4.80ghz, and pushed will reach almost 80c
all cores max run at 3.70 and never go above 60c

I upgraded from 3900x to this 5900x and some people said I wouldnt notice a difference. but I do.

my specs
Modded HAfx case. no plastic on fan vents or filters. (yep Hafx in 2023) along with added front intake and bottom intake
ryzen 5900x
asus b350 strix motherboard.
32gb Gskill 3333mhz
amd powercolor 6700xt
corsair 850
pny 2tb nvme drive. and bunch of ssd drive(external and internal along with 8tb nas drive.
coolermaster mouse
microsoft sidewinder x4 led keyboard.
7 port usb 3.1 pcie card
and 4 port usb pci slotaddon connected to mother usb
soundblaster zxr with changed opamps.
LG ultra gear 24inch 1080p 144hz.

Very good ... I'd be curious to know what temperature the VRMs get under stress and what score you make in cinebench r23 (all core).
I have a Cryorig R1 universal cooler ... who knows if I can dare to change the cpu (5900x stock and undervolt).

Level 7

I'm on bios 6042 and I can't save the bios settings (in overclock profiles) on the usb stick ctrl+F2 but it closes the window and doesn't save anything ... is it a bug?