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ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING Boot, Audio Driver, Torrent Issues

Level 7
Hello, i am new there. I saw big topic for this motherboard but even i read to try its hard to find and maybe its helpfull who has same problem.

my system:
Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming ( BIOS ver:4011)
CPU: Ryzen 7 1700
RAM: 2x 8GB Kingston Hyperx Predator DDR4 3000MHz
SSD: Toshiba OCZ 240GB TR200 (555MB read/ 540MB write)
HDD: Toshiba 3.5'' 1TB 7200RPM
PSU: Cooler Master 600W 80+ Plus
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

1- Boot time 15 seconds seen slow i dont know maybe its normal ( calculate method: press the power button to seen desktop). 7 seconds press power button till beep; espicially is that normal?. When i first setup this computer its opening 40 seconds and i downgrage to 15 sec. but it never change this 7 sec to press power button till beep...
I follwed this stes: Windows 10 install as UEFI in SSD, CSM disable, Security Boot selected Windows UEFI, Boot priorty Windows Boot Manager,Fast Boot enabled.
Other instersting thing, fast boot enabled or disabled its doesnt effect and total boot 15 sec...

2-I downloaded newest Audio driver from Asus support web site, version is and installed. When i open the game or listening music sound coming like low.I uninstalled audio driver,sonic studio and realtek audio (Yeah wrong idea, i should have change sonic studio settings ) after that i install V6.0.1.8382 and driver, sonic studio installed succesfully ( doesnt include realtek audio console, i dont know maybe another fail). The problem is when i reinstall audio driver last ver: it doesnt install Sonic studio, just seen driver and realtek audio console. I tryed install from driver file but it doesnt change sonic studio doesnt appear. With ver, sonic studio working but there is no realtek audio console.

3- uTorrent and Bittorent last versions doesnt respond its like freezing, this issue appear when i installed audio driver ver I read forums and they said Sonic studio and uTorrent doesnt have compability but interesting thing is when i install Audio driver ver with sonic studio, both torrent working very well. What is the solution with newest audio driver.

Sorry my bad english,i ripped my hair since last week 😞

Level 7
uTorrent is bad anyways. They track what you do with it no matter if you run a block list or VPN. I would suggest Deluge.

As far as your Audio driver issues, Try this. This will give you Sonic Studio III back.