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ROG MAXIMUS X HERO (WI-FI AC) Secure Boot Unsupported

Level 7

I have gone through the BIOS with a fine toothcomb and I have been changing the options that was suggested in terms of getting windows 11 to install like Legacy BIOS from UEFI and I even tried it the other way around but nothing will tell windows 10 that my secure boot is unsupported, apart from defaulting the BIOS I don't know why its still saying Unsupported, its the last thing stopping me from installing windows 11.

What should I do to get the Unsupported to change to on?  There is little help on the web for this board



Hello JamieLee2k

Check that you've enabled PTT.

Go into the bios, Advanced tab, PCH-FW Configuration, set PTT to enabled.

Before installing windows, I disable CSM and set secure boot to "Other Os".




PTT was already enabled and if I turn off CSM it boot loops back into BIOS, I did try to load defaults and only change XMP but it still says unsupported 


Here is what MSinfo32 saysHere is what MSinfo32 says