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ROG Maximus VI Formula Fan Control

Level 9
Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, but I've just finished putting together my new system, and I'm using the ROG Maximus VI Formula motherboard with an Intel i7-4770K processor. The case I have has multiple chassis fans on it, but they're all 3 pin fans. I ordered some more fans to swap the ones that came with the case, and those were 3 pin as well. After digging around some, I found some older posts where someone mentioned the 3 pin fans can't be controlled by the motherboard, or AI Suite, only monitored. 4 pin fans would be needed to control the fans. Then, on another thread, someone mentioned a jumper setting to change if you were running 3 pins fans which lets the motherboard control them, but that post was about a year old. So, I figured I would just hook it up and see.

Well, I ran the EZ Fan control software in AI Suite initially so it can go through, see which fans are connected, ask where they're located, etc., and the software was able to speed up and slow down my 3 pin fans. So my question is this, I the issue of a motherboard not being able to control 3 pin fans not an issue anymore? I'm about the replace all my fans, and I'd like to figure this out beforehand. If anyone can help answer this, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Level 13
It never was an issue. Some of us, including me, had some misunderstandings for a while.

Any of the Chassis fan headers can control either PWM, 4-pin, or voltage controlled 3-pin fans. Just plug it in and either BIOS or AI Suite can control it. If a fan of either type has trouble starting at a low speed setting, you may have to raise the setting so the fan has enough starting voltage.

Only the CPU fan header tries to detect 3 vs 4 pin connection and adjust its operation. The CPU_OPT header follows the CPU header - this is the only place where installation has to be careful. The type of fan in CPU_OPT has to match the fan in the CPU header.

AI Suite can't control the Optional fans - the three headers on the M6F that have external temperature sensor headers associated with them. BIOS can control fans through those headers whether 3-pin or 4-pin.