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ROG Front Base w/ ROG Strix X99 Gaming

Level 9
I have been back and forth with ASUS Support, and I don't think I am getting anywhere with them.

Problem: Depending on the order of installing the Driver and ROG Connect, it makes my Front Base partially unusable.

1) Driver then ROG Connect - this scenario completely disable the sound effect option

2) ROG Connect then Driver - This enables the sound effect option, however changing the sound effect only put the computer sound mode to "Fiction". Plus the volume doesn't gradually change, instead it skips. ex: turning the knob it will go from 0-44 then suddenly go to 65, but never reaches 100

I am using the the ROG Strix X99 Gaming with the latest BIOS 1003.

Level 9
Never mind, I just fixed it myself. Turns out it's the audio drivers. Originally I used the very top one.. So I decided to uninstall and download/install the middle one. As soon as I did that, the Front Base was able to change the sound effect. Just install the ROG Connect first, then if necessary, update the firmware on the Front Base, then install the drivers.

Level 12
Thanks for sharing the details on how you fixed the problem.