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ROG Front Base - Blackscreen

Level 7
Hello RoG Frriends,

i have a serious Problem since last Weekend. I´ve bought a new Soundcard for my Asus Maximus 6 Extreme.

A Asus ROG Xonar Phoebus Solo, it makes a hell of Sound really nice but....since i have plugged Front Panel seems to be Black.... I have tryed some Drivers new, Bios, Front Panel Driver and stuff to get the Mic working on the Front Panel. No Sucess.

So i buy the as i told you my Frontpanel makes nothing its glows left and right but it shows nothing.

I use following System:

Win 7 64bit Home Premium

Samsung SSD for Windows System -> works perfect

Intel i7 4770k not pimped
Nvidia GTX 770 (OC Version 4GB)
Asus Maximus 6 Extreme
Corsair CMZ16GX3M2A1600C9 - 16gb
Corsair RM Series 650Watt full Modular 80 PLUS Gold ATX/EPS

I Have this System now one Year...eccept the Issues.....

I remove the Soundcard....nothing the Front Panel still black

Please help me i want my Front Panel back 🙂

Level 7
I was going to make a new thread but then this caught my attention.

My problem seems similiar, altough I didnt install a new soundcard or anything of the sort.

My front base was working as it should for the few days that Ive had it installed, untill I installed the AI Suite 3 and Sonic Radar II (don't know if these are related, but just wanted to put it in there) and later decided to unplug my computer due to a storm.
After plugging the power back to my PSU, I noticed that the ROG Front Base didnt light up as it did before. After opening my computer up and disconnecting and reconnecting all the cords while trying to figure what's going on I gave up and put everything back hoping for a solution online.
I was ready to try an update ( for some reason, ..without first checking if I needed one ) and downloaded an installer, which is where I encountered the second problem. Despite all the connectors being firmly connected, the installer told me to first connect the device. Nothing changed after I opened my case again tried to reconnect all three cables.

I've no idea what might have caused these problems because it was functioning as a brand new should. (Altough I don't recall the OC / Hide buttons working (?))

The retailer had bundled the RoG Front Base with the motherboard I bought (Maximus VII RANGER) so getting a replacement might be a bit tricky if it comes to that, and should I still try contacting the retailer or ASUS directly if it did?
Hopefully it wont come to that, but I honestly dont have a clue how to try fix this with the RoG Front Base being the first of it's kind I've encountered.

Some of the other gear it was running while performing normaly (nothing has changed):

GPU -MSI GTX970 Gaming 4G
CPU -Intel i7 4790k <-- untouched (stock cooler), the Front Base OC - button did nothing if I recall correctly
SSD - Kingston HyperX 120 gb (OS)
HD - Seagate 2 TB (mass)

I'll add a picture of the Front Base in it's current condition as an attachment (sorry for the terrible image quality).

Thanks in advance 🙂

Just noticed that my message is in the wrong category (Maximus VI Motherboards (Z87)..whoops. 🙂
I'll call that a rookie mistake because it was my first post on the forum and I ended up in the thread via the 'Search Forums' -tool.

I'll leave my message here anyway, incase a solution comes up.