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RIVF 3930K 5.125Ghz and then some please

Level 9
Hi guys, I am hoping someone can help me as I am at a head scratcher of what to do to get my clocks higher.

My current Max overclock seems to be 5.125Ghz on 1.56V (water cooled). As the temp has been chilly, I have been trying to push my 3930K higher and temps don't appear to be the problem. I will list my current settings and hopefully somebody can give me some insight of what I am doing wrong. I intend on only trying higher when it is nice and cold outside, so as to keep temps nice and low.

Strap 125
Vcore 1.56V
Vtt 1.22
Vccsa 1.2
Pll 1.89

Mem is Avexir 2133 at 2333Mhz with timings of 11-12-12-30-2T

Any tips on this great chip and board would be very welcomed please 🙂

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What is you cpu fixed freq?

I have it on Auto.

Same as CPU load line and VCCSA load line.

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Bump it up to 550...

You might need to go manual on some of those other settings also..

The other voltages, looked ok..

My vcore at 5,2 ghz is 1,485v..

So 1.56v seem a little high, for 5,1 ghz

As many say, the chips are different..

And its about the LLC's, and stuff..

I will give those a try cheers. It would make it to windows screen but them BSOD straight away 😞

Thanks for the reply and bring on the colder weather.

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Consider to go more more manual..

some chips go higher than others..

But if you make 5,1ghz on auto.. I think there should be no prob, taking it to 5,2 ghz..

Yes, auto= instability, at those clocks..

I think I will need more manual settings as the CPU fixed frequency at 550 didn't help.

I changed my CPU load line cal to High as well as the VCCSA to high but I am treading into unknown territory with other settings. I would love to push higher but don't want to be a pain.

Thanks again for the info 🙂

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Pain??? , The only pain in here, its me.. ;o)

You might want to lower the vcore, and bump up the cpu LLC also.. Ultra high or Extreme

Always keep the same ram timings, on all of you OC profiles.., its more simple that way.., so booting into win, goes a little smother, when changing between profiles..

lol. Thanks for your patience 🙂 I will go have a play and report back.

Level 40
How did you get you OC what multi and BCLK? If I set multi 51 my CPU won't go there if I leave it at 50 and bump BCLK 2 or 3 or 4 it goes quiet as a lamb...

Also I have recently tried for 5.2 and found I need to revise my cooling of the VRMs since they throttled me a bit in one benchmark....

Also...if you aim to follow intel's advice and keep VTT and VCCSA within 0.3 of Vcore you should think of bumping them up a bit maybe 1.25?