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Level 10
Having an issue with tri sli on a IV BE…

I've actually got 4 cards sitting on the board, 4th disabled. During boot it'll end up with 1/2/4 on even though 4 is disabled.

Once on desktop all 3 are recognised but when sli is enabled only the 1st two end up in sli. All 3 show up if i render test the 1st two, only the 3rd when testing the 3rd. 3rd also running at 1.1, 1&2 3.0.

I've also pulled the 4th card and it's the same in desktop, only difference is the lane lights are now correct, i.e, 1/2/3.

Cable is DP on 1st gpu.

Driver re-installed. (337.5)

EDIT: Quad no problem, all 4 enabled.

Level 7
Sorry to join without an answer, but I was just thinking of tri sli setup. But don't want too much hassle! As be trying to squeeze three two slot cards in as it is! Would love to know if there's no prob with three 3.0 cards aswell!
Rampage v edition 10
I7-6950x @ 4.1ghz
Dominator platinum 32gb @ 3000mhz
NZXT X76 Kraken 360mm rad cooler
Corsair ax1600i psu full white cable set
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Samsung EVO 850 1tbx4 SSD raid, storage
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Samsung 55" 1000hz (140hz effective) 4k hdr tv as monitor
Windows 10 pro 64bit

Level 10
From someone else a fresh OS install might do the trick, i'll check later….

Level 40
What GPUs?

Yeah, I must say I'd try fresh OS and fresh drivers just in case...install one card at a time no sli bridge and restart each one and when all have registry entries then do the sli thing....

Level 13
When I use tri SLI it always takes a clear CMOS before I can get them to work in SLI

Level 10
Cheers guys, i shall have a play about with it today! 🙂

Level 14
If it was anyone else but you I'd ask which sli connector your using, or if you've tried another one to verify, but I am sure you know what you're doing. I assume your using one of the ASUS hard connectors and not several flexible connectors

Level 10
Flexi. Just re-installed OS, cleared cmos, only one card enabled at the moment and i'll add them 1 by 1 then bridge after some lunch.

I've had to pull the 4th card anyway as it's horrendous on mem (1800 max on loose timings) so might be able to fit hard bridge. Can't see there being any difference from the flexi's though apart from aesthetics…?

Level 40
Flexis are notorious for going bad in my experience and I handle them with kid gloves especially the black ones that come with RIVE seem to kink and go bad easily the gross orange ones not so much...solid bridge, never a problem...

Level 10
Bridges work fine, all 3 of them. Didn't have a problem using them on quad.

Ok, disabled lanes 2 & 4, removed psu's, cleared cmos, new win 8 install, driver installed, re-boot with 2nd gpu in lane 2, reboot with 3rd gpu in lane 4, reboot with sli connectors, same issue. All 3 recognised but 3rd won't run in sli, 3rd running at x16 1.1 instead of 3.0.

Board BIOS??