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RIVE-CPU strap issues

Level 9
Hi guys, I am fairly new to overclocking on the X79 Chipset. I am doing something a little different here.
Xeon E5 1620

I am Multiplier limited with this chip as it is not an unlocked chip, This only will net me a 4.3ghz overclock using just the Multi(100x43). This is achieved with 1.285 Vcore.

What I am now doing is Using the 125 Strap and a Multi of 37 (125x37) 4625mhz. CPU appears to be stable so far giving it 1.38v in the Bios using A load Line of High.

The issue that I am having though is with the strap of 125 I am getting Nvidia Video driver crashes(Thought the strap was supposed to stop that).

Is there something else voltage wise I need to be changing when using the 125 strap? If I try to play a game I just get a black screen until I alt tab out with the warning of the driver crashing.

Any tips are appreciated.


Level 14
I'm guessing *guessing* that you might need to bump your VCCIO and/or VCCSA voltages to help stabilize the PCIe controller integrated within the Xeon proc. This site might help.
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