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RIVE Bios 4102 - Weird BIOS corruption after power loss

Level 7
About a week ago, I've decided to undervolt my cpu (3930K) a bit. I was able to undervolt it with a 80mV offset (1.24V @ 4.1GHz). Everything was fine and stable with a max temp of 65C with a H100.

Yesterday, I got a little power loss (about 1 sec) while in windows. When the computer rebooted, I decided to test something and discovered that my Vcore was at 1.40V. After seeing this, I rebooted my system and checked the BIOS settings. Everithing was fine, except the Vcore voltage mode was on manual mode instead of offset mode. When changing it back to offset mode, I saw that the 80mV was still there, but with a positive offset instead a negative offset. (1.24V + 2*80mV = 1.40V)

Level 40
That is quite within the possible. A power incidence can cause bios corruption.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.