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RIVE, 3960X & my 1st overclock, to 4.3: Suggestions? And guidance for 4.5?

Level 9
Hi guys, this is my first post to get some feedback on an overclocking attempt. I initially tried to go up to 4.5, but things just didn't seem to be stable (enough) even though at first all seemed well. I have achieved what seems to be a solid 4.3 using the settings below. I'm not a gamer, so gaming scenarios and loads will not apply. I won't be pushing this computer too hard most of the time, but do expect to have a lot running at the same time. I'd like to be able to bump up to a higher OC for specific tasks, like audio ripping/encoding (not professional) and batch image file conversions etc.

1) I would very much appreciate any comments or suggestions regarding this existing overclock and,
2) Any advice for best adjustments to push this to, say, 4.5?

My current 4.3 OC has VCORE between 1.344-1.352 volts at load (and 0.856 V at idle.)
With air conditioning running for stress tests, maximum temperature of my hottest core, with 15 hours of Prime95, was 82 degrees centigrade. Running AIDA64 (which is where I read my temps and voltages,) that stress test generally kept temperatures in the mid to high 60s, maximum hit 73 degrees. (I do realize these stress tests are not normal, everyday computing scenarios, and I am keeping perspective when evaluating the term "stable.") I also used Intel Burn Test.

Also, before CPU overclocking, but with XMP memory setting selected, I ran 3 cycles (12 hours) of Memtest86, with with no errors reported. I'm now entering my XMP values manually, however.

Unfortunately my 6th CPU core runs about 10 degrees hotter than my lowest, and usually 6-7 degress hotter than the next warmest core. At "idle" on this 4.3 overclock, the hottest core temp is around 34 degrees.

Here are my settings, and thanks in advance for your suggestions! 🙂

Extreme Tweaker menu:
Ai Overclock tuner: Manual
CPU Level up: Disabled (default)
ClockGen full reset: Enabled (default)
Turbo ratio: By all cores
By all cores (can adjust in OS): 43
Bclk freq: 100 (default stock speed)
CPU Strap: 100 (default stock speed)
CPU Clock gen filter: Auto (default)
Memory freq: DDR3-1866
Extreme tweaking: Enabled
EPU power saving mode: Disabled (default)

Extreme 0V: Disabled (default)
Bclk skew: Auto
CPU Vcore V: Offset mode
Offset mode sign: -
CPU Vcore offset V: 0.010
VTT CPU V: 1.100
2nd VTTCPU V: Auto (default) (1.056V actual shown on screen)
CPU VCCSA Voltage: Manual Mode
CPU VCCSA Manual Voltage: 1.100
DRAM V (chA, chB): 1.500
DRAM V (chC, chD): 1.500
CPU PLL V: Auto (1.793V displayed on screen)
PCH 1.1v: Auto (1.100V displayed on screen)
VTTDDR voltage (chA, chB): Auto
VTTDDR voltage (chC, chD): Auto
CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled
PCIe Spread Spectrum: Auto (default)
(xxxx Tweaker's paradise settings all default)

CPU Performance settings submenu:
CPU Ratio: Auto (default)
Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology: Enabled (default)
Turbo Mode: Enabled (default)
Turbo Mode parameters; Power limit control: Auto (default)

DRAM timing control submenu:
Rampage Tweak: Auto (default)

CAS (tCL): 9
RAS to CAS Delay (tRCD): 10
RAS Pre time (tRP): 9
RAS ACT time (tRAS): 27
DRAM command mode ("command rate"): 2
Latency boundry: Auto (default)
RAS to RAS delay (tRRD): 6
Ref cycle time (tRFC): 160
WRITE recovery time (tWR): 15
READ to Pre time (tRTP): 8
FOUR ACT WIN time (tFAW): 26
WRITE to READ Delay (tWTR): 8
Write latency (tCWL): 8
The rest set at "auto" (default)

DIGI+ Power Control submenu:
CPU Load-line Calibration: Medium
CPU Current Capability: 120%
CPU Voltage Frequency: Auto (default)
VRM Over Temperature Protection: Auto (default)
CPU Power Duty Control: T.Probe (default)
Vcore MOS volt. Control: Auto (default)
CPU Power Phase Control: Optimized
CPU Spread Spectrum: Disabled (default)
CPU Vcore Boot Up Voltage: Auto (default)
VCCSA Load-line Calibration: Regular
VCCSA Current Capability: 120%
VCCSA Fixed Frequency: 300 (default)
CPU VCCSA Boot Up Voltage: Auto (default)
CPU VTT Switching Freq: Auto (default)
CPU VTT Over-Current Protection: Auto (default)
DRAM-AB Current Capability: 120%
DRAM-AB Voltage Frequency: Auto (default)
DRAM-AB Power Phase Control: Optimized
DRAM-CD Current Capability: 120%
DRAM-CD Voltage Frequency: Auto (default)
DRAM-CD Power Phase Control: Optimized
PCH 1.1V Switching Freq: Auto (default)

Advanced menu.
CPU configuration submenu:
Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor: Enabled (default)
Hyper-threading: Enabled (default)
Active Processor Cores: All (default)
Limit CPUID Maximum: Disabled (default)
Execute Disable Bit: Enabled (default)
Hardware Prefetcher: Enabled (default)
Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch: Enabled (default)
DCU Streamer Prefetcher: Enabled (default)
DCU IP Prefetcher: Enabled (default)
Intel Virtualization Technology: Enabled (default)

CPU power management submenu:
CPU Ratio: Auto (default)
Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology: Enabled (default)
Turbo Mode: Enabled (default)
CPU C1E: Auto
CPU C3 Report: Auto
CPU C6 Report: Auto
CPU C7 Report: Auto

SATA configuration submenu:
Hot Plugs: All Disabled (default)

APM submenu:
ErP Ready: Disabled (default)

Monitor menu:
Anti Surge Support: Disabled
MB: Rampage IV Extreme · CPU: i7 3960X · Cooler: Maingear EPIC 180 (liquid)
RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance 8x4GB PN: CMZ16GX3M4X1866C9
Disks: 2x 512GB Samsung 830 RAID0 (Intel 6G ports), 1x Samsung 830 512GB (Asmedia 6G port)
WD 2002FAEX 2TB and HGST
HDN724040ALE640 4TB (Intel 3G ports)
LG WH12LS30 Blu-Ray/DVD Burner (Intel 3G port)
PSU: Seasonic XP1000 · GPU: Visiontek Radeon HD 6970
: Windows 7 Pro UEFI installation · Chassis: Maingear SHIFT

Level 40
Hmm I understand how that could take the shine off a bit...two card readers! But only temporarily; I'm sure it's a great computer...but workmanship isn't what it was unfortunately. I'd be tempted to write a letter to the owner of the company...maybe he'd be shocked!

But even if it is a bit idiosyncratic, I'm sure it's going to serve you well. Maybe one rainy Sunday you can take off the cooler and replace the TIM and fit it back on, just to check it's mounted 100% .. but the temps aren't bad so like you say, just a trade off...and quiet is good.

And yes...fundamental....enjoy it....:D

Level 11
Yep.......thats why I build my own...honestly...a 3960X processor mounted on a RIVE.....I wouldnt settle for an OC any less then 4.8 Ghz....thats an $1,100 chip......
The only reason I dove into a 980X yrs ago was for the OC potential with unlocked multipliers.....had I bought a 980X only to "settle" on an OC that folks were geting with a 920....ugh!!!!
Thee's something to be said about building your own Rig !!!!

Level 12
Hi guys, hi rjbarker,

I agree with you, we are just talking about a CPU cost twice my 3930K that has overcome the problems of 4300.
But you will see that maybe it will be a problem of memories that I repeat do not deserve to be on a PC like that.
Instead, I see that you are also a veteran of my own experience with X58 when .... with my poor i7 920 push @ 4075 Mhz, then sold for a i7 960 only pushed to 4150 Mhz while I was expecting more, .... . just money thrown to the wind.
But then God has thought of him that, who have struck him with a ....pitiful lightning during a storm!
I then self-assembled this current PC and ... from what I see, I was right that I have not got one fantastic assembly as the one in question ... on which I would bet without a doubt!

sandro c

Level 12
Hmm, now I feel the need to tell my experience W/card readers:

When I spec'd my first sys W/a card reader, I wanted one that just worked good and would be reliable. So when I seen they were
One thing about those readers: They're all just cheap chinese electronics, buyer beware. Read the customer comments before buying a particular model. When you buy a prebuilt PC, they may not take such care in choosing cheap components; and may even just go with the lowest price for their quantity, and then only change the brand if/when they have multiple reports of failures. This is why a lot of us put together our own computers - despite sometimes enduring a lot of grief when our components fail or are not properly supported. /end rant
i7-3930K; Asus RIVE; G.SKILL Ripjaws Z 4x4GB DDR3 1866; MSI 7870 2GD5/OC; Crucial M4 SSD 256GB;
Corsair 1000HX; Corsair H100, 4x Excalibur 120mm PWM CPU Fan p-p, AS5; SB X-Fi Titanium Fata1ity Pro;
Dell U2412m IPS 1920x1200; Cooler Master HAF 932 case; Tripp-Lite OMNIVS1500 UPS fully Line-interactive.
(EVGA site: ) And I have a second (wife's) computer, Eve.

Overclocking is useless to me if it is not rock stable.