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RIVBE SupremeFX - Audio crackle?

Level 7
Hey all, was wondering if any other fellow RIVBE owners have run into this issue with their boards. Recently I decided to shuffle around my GPUs and remove my ZxR to see how the onboard would fare, and while the quality is decent (and the headphone amp seems to be able to handle my 600 ohm DT880s), I've started to noticed this sort of "crackling" sound that happens on certain sounds, like the Steam message sound or windows error sound. Strangely, the crackle doesn't happen at all when playing music or games, so it only seems to happen under very specific circumstances with very specific sounds.

Has anyone else run into this issue, or happen to try anything that fixed it?

Otherwise, I need to find a way to finagle a PCIe 1x ribbon from one part of the board to another...

Level 7
Windows drivers have same problem. after a shutdown, reboot or resume from sleep, the crackling comes back.

The latest realtek drivers crackle immediately on install. The windows basic and asus drivers on start crackling only after a shutdown, reboot or resume.

I'm plugged into an apc powersupply, removed anything that could cause interference. I've toggled most relevant bios settings. Power settings, sound settings, usb settings. went to defaults. Updated to latest bios, audio drivers and graphic drivers. Updated to latest chipset and latest ME patch. Booted windows doing a clean boot, didn't help. Changed windows audio quality. I believe its the driver or bios issue.

I have the b250f gaming board but I'm sure this happens with others. Was always a common problem with windows, i've been building pc's for 30 years. It doesn't bother some people, Some people don't even notice. but Maybe not enough people complain about these things anymore, cause most gamers have illegal hack software on their pc's which they probably attribute everything to...lmao. But some of us normal gamers still exist!

I hope asus fixes this, very disappointing. An audiophile will have to constantly reinstall drivers on every reboot or before playing media. Huge hassle!!

So far not thrilled with the buggy bios, (display port and aura lighting) and now apparenlty buggy sound from asus on this board. FPS has and graphic performance has been spot on. (I did have to reseat the gpu when first building it to fix mysterious random windows 10 boot crashes) These boards are brand new what happens after 3 years? But I hope I did not make the wrong choice by not buying gigabyte. They do make one or two gaming boards without that killer net card ... That and the audio chip is why I went with asus, so I guess jokes on me.

Another problem is windows 10 has had horrible audio support compared to previous versions of windows. Especially with realtek surround cards. Not sure whats up with that. Its turning into linux lmao... dead and abandoned? Are we the last of the mohicans? Maybe because its designed for mobile devices? Not sure if I noticed this [rpb;e, earlier but I was playing around with a usb dac/amp, and that had was static free. Maybe it was a windows update, i'm not sure. I've owned the pc only for a few months. But like i've said, the crackle or popping after restart is a common problem these developers should know about since its been around for 30 years.

Its definitely fixable.