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Level 7
Hi guys,

I'm having a bit of an issue overclocking a brand new 4930k (rma replacement from intel) on this board. For some reason changing the LLC setting is improperly working. Changing from regular to medium to high results in a bump in voltage of about 0.020 each step. In my past experience on this same exact board the vcore rises way more than that.

So thinking that this was just the way it was going to work, I found that at 4.5 ghz the chip is stable at about 1.385V and so I had set up an offset voltage of about +.085 with Ultra High LLC. Restarted the computer a couple of times and ran some stability tests. Using a voltmeter i was monitoring the vcore during stressing and suddenly out of no where my vcore jumped up to 1.47V. I immediately shutdown and changed my offset to +0.005 and was able to once again get 1.385V using a voltmeter when stress testing.

Then I went back into my bios to change some peripheral settings and restarted.
Instant bluescreen when logging back in so I changed the offset back to 0.085 and its back at 1.385V under stress testing!

This is a really strange issue and i'm worried my vcore will just shoot up at any moment when im not monitoring it.
Does anyone have any idea on what the issue could be? Is the board going bad or does this sound like more of a cpu/psu problem?

Any help is appreciated, thank you.