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RGB LED Weirdness on B350-F

Level 7
Okay so Let me start with the parts of my build that seem relevant to the trouble I'm having. I can add the rest if needed but it seemed unnecessary to me lol.

ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F Motherboard
Phanteks Pro M Case w/fans and power switch w/rgb lights

I've had the fan and power button lights plugged into the bottom RGB header sense I got the MOBO this past February. I then added some case lights which are and have been plugged into the RGB header near the middle of the MOBO. So... maybe a week ago my fan and power button lights stopped displaying the color green. After power cycling the whole thing several times, fully unplugging it to drain any held power and all that jazz. I swapped the light strip with the fans and same deal, Green doesn't work on bottom header but the mid header seems to be fine. I thought okay, weird, I'll have to look into that soon. It seems info about just one color ceasing to function on a header is basically non existent. Anyway cut to like... two days ago and now those fan and power lights on my case aren't accepting Aura Sync commands no matter where I plug them in (or don't plug them in to the headers for that matter) on the board, but still the same when I move the led strip. No green on bottom, all colors in the middle. However the green does work on the fans and power button so I guess the leds also accept power from the fan plug??? I am just stupid busy and tired from work. Anyone got any help for me that doesn't involve me having to send the MOBO in? I CAN send it in if I have to but I'd like that to be a last resort kinda thing. If that would even be covered under warranty?

Thanks in advance! I'd supper appreciate any input you guys have!

Also sense I'm here, anyone know any good hardware to allow me to plug in more lights to the Aura Sync on this guy? I'm kinda playing with a music lighted DDR setup kinda thing in addition to using the PC for work junk and it woulds be killer to have more lights. 🙂