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RESIZE BAR for Z370/Z390 chipset

Level 7
Good afternoon,

I would like to know if a BIOS update will be released for the z370 / z380 motherboards with RESIZE BAR option?

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I also hope that a bios with the resize bar function will soon be available for my ROG STRIX Z390-E

thanks ASUS

camborambo wrote:
It's still early on and I have seen resize bar support for b450s which is older and lower tier for AMD. The fact that a competitor is updating it on the same mobo chipsets is a bummer if we don't see that support here. Let's hope we get a bios support for this or I'll have to reconsider a different motherboard brand in the future.

Exactly this is what is miffing me off, They're supporting older gen Ryzen 1 before the later Intel chipsets, Joke if you aske me.

Level 11
Please add support for Z370...

I'm also hoping for resizable bar support for Asus Intel 300 boards, the z370-i in my case.

MSI announced support for several Intel 300 boards such as their z390, h370, it's definitely possible, part of the PCIE 3.0 spec, I'd hope/expect Asus to out do them.

kens30 wrote:
Please add support for Z370...

Double Please!!!

I have signed the petition on and I really hope to see this feature implemented on these motherboards.
Come on ASUS, ROG people trusts you 🙂

Please add z370 support.

EVGA has now added Resizable BAR on their z390s. Asus you don't want to be left behind by EVGA do you?

Level 7
I see it's been enabled on Z490 for a month or so for Asus boards. EVGA just enabled it on Z390. Hoping for Asus to do the same.

Z390 Maximus Formula XI here.

MSI, EVGA and Gigabyte added Re-size BAR to their Z390 MBs, lets hope Asus does it too.