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RESIZE BAR for Z370/Z390 chipset

Level 7
Good afternoon,

I would like to know if a BIOS update will be released for the z370 / z380 motherboards with RESIZE BAR option?

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So what is the point of removing the beta bios? When can we except new bios version? Z390 Prime-A there. It was definitely my last ASUS board :cool:

Kazuma88 wrote:
I also encounter problems. I have my memories overclocked at 3000MHz with 16-16-36-2N. Mine defaults are at 2666MHz with 15-15-35-2N. I have no problems with all BIOSes, including BIOS 1901 beta. I can start the computer. With 1902, no. It tells me that the computer did not start due to instabilities. Putting the memories to 2666Mhz, it starts without any problem.

I have subjected my ram memories to a test with MEMTEST PRO by hcidesign and for several hours I have not encountered any problems.

I would RMA the RAM first, or better yet try a different brand.

The non-beta bioses have been released on M11H and M11C. When will ROG MAXIMUS XI APEX get non-beta bios with resizable bar?

still no news for M11A about when could the bios with resizable bar come out.

Level 7
Rock solid on my Maximus XI Hero with OC settings loaded, glad they updated it finally!

Level 7
Still waiting for NON-Beta version of ROG STRIX Z370-E GAMING.

Level 7
I can't understand why the removed the beta bios and not releasing the new final one?

Rog Strix Z390-F Gaming here!

ECENAT0 wrote:
I can't understand why the removed the beta bios and not releasing the new final one?

Rog Strix Z390-F Gaming here!

Sad theres still this ongoing silence about what is happening. I still can only hope ASUS not let us down here. Im running that partially potentually buggy beta bios on my Z-390 F since it popped up online. Now it is just removed from the downloads without any further notes. No logs, no messages, no information.

Let's hope for a perfect working finalized version meantime (how i imagine not being let down). Also windows 11 is coming. I do not want to have problems then. A statement would be great. I do not understand what the issue is about communicating with us customers. Or was there a statement somewhere, that noone of us saw yet? I personally looked around and saw "nothing", sadly.


UEFI (BIOS) 1902 & 1903 presented! :cool: wrote:
UEFI (BIOS) 1902 & 1903 presented! :cool:

Which board(s) are you referring to? I see 1902 (with rebar) for Maximus xi, 0902 (not mentioning rebar) for the maximus xiii.

There's nothing new on the z390-f or z390-e page so far, they both had the beta rebar bios removed weeks ago now. I tried messaging Silent Scone yesterday hoping he would check this thread that he might be able to get some information on what is happening for everyone soon.