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Removing Video Card From ASUS Rampage IV Extreme [HELP]

Level 7
Hey guys, my computer has gone and got itself broken and I'm thinking it's my graphics card so I need to take it out and put an older one in. It's a GeForce 680 GTX. I was able to get the screws off to take it off but as I'm trying to lift it up and out, it's also SEEMS to be connected by these hard white plastic things connected to this thing next to it with " Republic of Gamers" on it. Does anyone know how to get this off?? and yes I know this probably a noob thing to ask but I've never encountered something like it before. :confused:

Level 10
Push the hard white plastics down towards the board & it will release
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Level 11

yeah you can see those white clips at the end of the pci express slot,
push down on it with a pen or something that wont damage it as your lifting you card out slowly
good luck

Level 7
Thanks guys!! Very quick reply and instructive, appreciate it! Also... Why is this a feature on the mobo? Seems redundant to me..?

Level 11
na, i would think it is necessary since cards can be very heavy, and perhaps with vibration etc it might work it way loose,
especially considering how expensive they are, its probably good to have them secure 😄
good luck man

Level 40
A plastic 30cm ruler can be your best friend here especially if your cards are close together 😉

Thanks for the help guys; I was able to get it out and replace it with an older video card and my damn computer still want start up. Everything lights up, spools up, fans going, etc -- It just cut off one day playing a game, it has a post code of 10 on the board itself - does anyone have a clue of whats going on?

Level 40
Have you tried the simple things like clearing CMOS....looking for leds lit up on the board..apart from q code. What does the manual say about the code?

Level 11
hey eyesore , hmm put you new card back in, perhaps try one stick of ram at a time, maybe look at your drives, disconnect them
except for your os drive, if you can get into bios check your settings there as sometime settings can change, that is why it was
suggested to clear your cmos, but it is still a good idea to go in there and check ram speed voltages etc, good luck m8,
perhaps post your pc hardware