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Red LEDs flashing during boot

Level 7
Hello All

On my Formula V Crosshair 990X my Q LED's (page 2-17 on the manual) are flashing on and off one at a time and then turning off while the is sustained and running.

I had two failure to boots today. One was after I first got home so I cut the power off and was going to start working on it, came back a little while later and tried and it booted up. So I tried to update the bios and got the second failure which completely lost my HDD with my OS on it. Compounding on the problem my G15 keyboard was flickering while trying to boot and the PC failed to read the Windows 7 installer disc, instead freezing.

I went to the local best buy and paid too much for an 850w (up from a 750w) PSU. Put that in and the computer at least read the disc and repair windows so I could boot, which it restarted three times cleanly if not a little slowly.

On the last boot I monitored the Q LED's and they are still going on and off, I believe only the top three (Boot Device, VGA, DRAM) but it happens pretty quickly over about 10-20 seconds so I can't be sure if all four aren't flickering.

I called costumer service and they said it sounds like a faulty MOBO and started the RMA process. Any thoughts? Board is bad or it's just not getting enough power?

1 EVGA 560 GTX
AMD FX-8129 (8core) 3.11 GHz
16 gb crucial @ 800MHz (the board's test says MEM_OK)

Thanks in advance.

Level 18
Ridir...Welcome to ROG.
Did you go back into bios and set everything up after the flash ? (your drives?)c.

Level 12
You have enough power.

Being ingnorant and ingnored one post at a time.

Level 13
Did you try Pulling the Battery for about ten Minutes to clear the BIOS of bad data?

Level 18
I think it is in the sata settings...

I tried initially but the bios wouldn't load till I put in the new PSU, which took 10+ minutes. Got a load and windows repaired itself. I'll try and work on the data settings tonight after work, but will that address the q led's for VGA and sdram?

Level 13
Great! let us know how it's going...