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RC TweakIt Bluetooth not working

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Has anyone had any success getting RC TweakIt Bluetooth working on phones not in the QVL?

I've tried both the WM and Symbian latest versions and none of them worked.

The devices were:
- WM: HTC Kaiser running WM 6.1 Pro (custom ROM). RC TweakIt starts, connects, but all data is at their default values. All fan speeds are at 0 rpm. None of the buttons work. I am able to change screens in RC TweakIt, but none of the controls have any effect.

A special note here: using RC TweakIt v1.0.8 the programs screen was too big to fit on the device's screen. On v1.0.13, the program's screen fit just fine on the device.

- Symbian: brand new SE Satio U1a: It starts, connects, but it stays locked in the screen with the 2 buttons.

Is there anything I can do to make RC TweakIt Bluetooth work on any of the devices? I am about to flash my Kaiser to WM 6.5 just to get this thing to work.