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Ranger overview and specs pages don't match

Level 7
On the overview page of the Ranger, we see features that don't then appear on its specifications page and I find it pretty confusing. That's not the case for the Hero and the Gene though, which is what made my doubts arise.

So I would like to know if the Ranger has :

- a 8+2 power phase

- a M.2 x2 port ?? That is the most confusing.. the port appears on the image of the board ( overview page ) and then is not even listed in the specs page.

- Gamer's Guardian features : Anti-surge LANGuard, ESD Guards on LAN, Audio, KBMS and USB3.0/2.0 ports

- Dual interconnect between the Integrated LAN controller and Physical Layer

- Blu-ray audio layer Content Protection

- And what is the ASMedia SATA controller : 1061 ?

Really not clear at all.
Thanks if you can shed some light on that, that will help me choose my first ROG board ^_^

Level 15
8+2 power phase: i'm not sure, most likely
M.2 x2: Yes
Gamer's Guardian: Seems yes, I don't know what KBMS is though
Dual Interconnect: No clue what this is
Blu-ray audio protection: most likely
ASMedia SATA: There is none, not even e-SATA

Level 7
I've looked around and the Ranger has :

- a semi-8 power phase. Hero and Ranger have 8 MOSFETs, chokes and capacitors but the Hero has the full suite of 8 PWM drivers while the Ranger is left with 4.

- a M.2 x2 port, indeed

- Anti-surge LANGuard

I don't know about the rest.
And yeah, no ASMedia SATA controller, I had that mixed up with the Hero where the controller version is not mentionned.. but it is a ASMedia ASM1061 on the Hero.

Thanks for the input.. anyway I will sell my ( never-used ) VI Gene and get the VII Hero 😛