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rampage iv won't boot

Level 7
Hey, so it's been a while since I build a computer and I'm running into problems just getting this one to start. It powers up and sticks on Code 34, and the vga_led is lit red and the boot_device_led is lit red. No signal of any sort goes to my working monitor. And to my knowledge doesn't even hit the BIOS menus.

Rampage IV Extreme
Intel 3930k
16GB G.skill Ares F3-2133CQ9
Kingwin LZR 1000W
Asus GTX 690

Ive reseated the CPU and RAM, flashback'd the BIOS to most recent update, cleared CMOS, did a raindance, unplugged and plugged things back in... I've done this before a while back and I'm pretty sure everything is connected correctly. the only thing I'm not sure of is the 12v 4-pin CPU connection. No cable came to fit it and the 8-pin block is connected.

I am open to any ideas, I've waited a long time to build something this high end and I'm deflated trying to get it up and running.

Level 7
I unscrewed the pins under the mobo slightly - it was literally a centimeter off from seating correctly. shes all boxed up and installing software now. Thanks again.

Level 7

-No need to return (RMA) your motherboard or check your power supply.
-That new memory is probably good.
-Don't update your BIOS, although it's good to from time to time.
-Why unplug your motherboard and wait days for the circuits to drain so you can reassemble and hope that it will boot/post.

I seriously did not believe that this would work!
ASUS consistently ignores this issue and would rather spend the money on RMA's then admit that this expensive "High End" motherboard needs to be jump-started with a hairdryer.

I hate to love this board and love to hate it.
Apparently this works on most of their other boards.
Here is proof:

Level 7
@ El Suerte
Lol you didn't need to post that in every noboot thread you could find :), but you got my attention...

Either the solder job is bad on your board or some parts on the board are...
I would recommend rma...
You should try to find out exactly what area of the board needs warmed up to post.
Let her cool down again so it won't post, then warm up 1 corner at a time, and yeah try not to over heat it, you know the deal :).
I'm just curious...

Thanks for the reply,
This is my second RMA'ed Motherboard and the both had the same problem.
I think it is a "ghost in the machine".
I will try warming up each corner after I have lunch.
Powering down now......I'll let you know.

Level 7
Hey NE0Aethyr,
I took your advice and here is the location;
I've done this three times now and narrowed it down to this area.

Level 7
Just wondering there a fix to this issue yet or do I have to keep using my hairdryer? i'm on bios 4804 ...I was going to update to 4901 but I've heard a lot of people complaining about that update and I'm not sure if it even fixes this coot boot issue...