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Rampage IV Gene code 9A

Level 7

I recently bought used Rampage IV Gene motherboard along with 4930k, but I can't get it to POST.. Everytime i end up with motherboard reading 9A (USB initialization is started) and vga light red

Parts I got R4G,I7 4930k,Corsair Vengeance LP 1600mhz 4x4gb,Sapphire r9 290x, Corsair RM650x

List what i have tried:

Ram in different slots, with different sticks, and only one stick

With and without gpu, also different slots

Reseat cpu and cooler (noctua u12s)

Nothing connected to usb ports, neither front connectors

No HDD connected

Build it on motherboard box

Flash few different bios builds trough flashback that supports ivybridge-e cpu's

Cleaning usb ports

Checked that any motherboard usb pins arent bent, also cpu pins are like they should

I know for sure that my r9 290x is fully working, and ram that i used in my old build, psu is also almost new, and used it my old build.

Is there any hope, or did i just got ripped.