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Rampage IV Formula won't POST.

Level 7
I'm having a problem with the following configuration:

Asus Rampage IV Formula.
Geforce GTX 680.
Corsair H80 CPU cooler.
Corsair HX750W PSU.
16GB 4X4GB Corsair CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9B memory.
Windows 7 X64 Home Premium.

BIOS has everything automatic/default EXCEPT DRAM VOLTAGE SET AT 1.50V and the timings set at 9 9 9 24.
These are the timings that are specified on the memory.

The PC won't POST. It goes untill code 59 and the shuts off and turns back on.

It is the third time I have this problem. The first time I removed 2 memory modules and put them back and after that the computer would post. Second time I did the same and it would also post again.

Once it did post I did do a 24H MEMTEST 86+ V4.20 test and it passed flawlessly.

I also ran PRIME95 for 24H without problems.

The CPU temp is about 28°C in BIOS so that shouldn't be a problem. Temperatures looked ok with speedfan in Windows.

It's really an annoying problem. Anyone would happen to know what could be causing this?


Level 7
I removed 2 memory DIMMS and it booted straight away. Could it be that the CPU isn't seated correctly or the memory slots are damaged? Put them back and it still boots...

Level 7
Is it just occasionally that it does not boot?

If that is the case, is it only when it's been powered down that it does not boot?

Just trying to understand when it does and does not boot for you.
Crosshair VI Hero || 1700 ~4Ghz || Gigabyte GTX 980ti || Superflower 1200W || 64Gb HyperX Preadator 3Ghz || Water cooled || SSD + HDD

It's when powered down that it suddenly won't power up.

I just did a bios upgrade with all 4 sticks and it wouldn't boot.

So I removed the 2 dimms on the right side and it booted again.

I put them back and it still boots.

It's really strange.

1) The system works perfectly.
2) I power the system down.
3) I wait for a few hours with the power disconnected.
4) I try to boot and it keeps rebooting even before it finishes POST.
5) I remove the 2 modules of RAM on the right side of the CPU.
6) It boots again.
7) I add the 2 modules back.
😎 It still boots.

Untill I power the system down and try to boot it sometime later it will randomnly not boot anymore...

I also replaced the CMOS battery and still keeps on happening.

Now I removed 2 memory modules had it running several hours.
But after booting it 4 hours later I got this:

System Unstable. Your CPU Ratio May be down at 12x due to unsuitable conditions. Press F1 to Run SETUP.