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Rampage IV Extreme RAID 0 OCZ Vertex 4 TRIM problem?

Level 7
Hi guys.

I am not good in hardware and therefore I have bought more than one year back two OCZ Vertex 4 120 gb and I have turn RAID 0 on my Rampage IV. I was expected fast performance but didn't know that TRIM is not there...
But now I have found (one year later :D) that there is no support for TRIM.
My version of BIOS is 2.10.1208 and this is my Qs.
1. Can I have TRIM support on my configuration? If yes it is easy to set up this support?
2. If it is not so easy to run TRIM support on my MB I will turn my RAID 0 and use both SSD separately. But after that how can I "clean" my SSD from one year of using these SSD without TRIM?
3. It is possible to "refresh" my SSD after one year running without TRIM or I have "damaged" my SSD and they will never run so fast like before I have used RAID 0 without TRIM?

Many thanks guys for help!!!

Level 11
Here are some laborious steps to get your SSD's back in shape.

1) make a disk image of your raid. Acronis etc. (Just to be safe, make two separate disk images).

2) break the raid and using OCZ bootable DVD/USB, secure erase both drives..

3) set up raid and using bootable disk imaging software restore the image to your fresh Raid set up.

The OCZ secure erase process will bring your vector drives to like-new condition.

You have not damaged your drives, but possibly and temporarily reduced their speed. Repeat this process annually and you should be fine.
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Wau. This is easy.
Many thx!!!