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RAMPAGE_IV_EXTREME - New Mouse Won't Work In Mouse USB Port?

Level 7
Hey everyone,

I recently got a new mouse but for some reason it will not work in the Mouse USB port on my RAMPAGE_IV_EXTREME motherboard. It will work in any other USB port though. I am assuming it has something to do with a conflict where the old mouse was plugged into the Mouse USB port so how do I remove this or "flush" the USB port out?

The old mouse was a HP BR376AA Optical Mouse and my new mouse is a Zalman ZM-GM1 6000 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse. I've removed all known drivers I can think of and installed the Zalman drivers fresh and cold booted but still won't work. :mad:

Thanks in advanced!

Level 13
Hi CDRose, and welcome

Does the new mouse work in BIOS through the mouse USB? Through other USB? That's as a means of trouble shooting between hardware and software. If the mouse and its proper USB work in BIOS, the hardware is probably good.

If not, working with drivers is futile. The port connection may be faulty - a pin bent in a way that still worked with your old mouse.


Level 7
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the reply, I will look into this and check it all out.