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Rampage IV extreme - freezing issue

Level 8
Out of the blue my system started freezing only when playing video games, in this case overwatch.

*I changed my video card out to a 2080ti at Christmas and have had no problems. *I was using a 1080ti prior. *PSU is a 1200w cooler master.

After no update or anything (possibly a video card driver update?). My system locks up about a minute into gameplay.

I have t tried a rolled back driver but have tried reformatting my hard drive. *I did notice that when I reformatted that when I installed GeForce experience my video card driver was already instaed... was this because of a windows update while reformatting? (Windows 10 64bit).

The only error code my motherboard gave me during one freeze was error code 40. *Every other time the motherboard just shows AA.

Should I roll back older video card driver?

Does it sound like a faulty video card? (I don’t have an older card to test)

Thanks for the help in advance.*

Level 13
If the machine was running fine with a 1080ti Its not the MOBO. Yes windows installs drivers whether you like it or not and even DDU ant stop it now.
Best bet for drivers is dont install the geforcce experience and during set up choose advaned then at the bottom there is a check box for clean install the removes the old drivers. Dont freak out when your display goes black, give it a few minutes.

What card are you running? if ASUS use GPU tweak or afterburner to run the fans up to 100% and see what you get.

To be honest I almost guarantee this is a heat issue. Anything else would crash it sooner. These cards crank out some serious heat! Try removing a side panel on your machine and see if it makes a difference. Even if the GPU can take it if you are all air cooled thats some serious heat going to your CPU and RAM.

If removing the side helps then case choice or better ventilation will need to be considered or going liquid cooled.

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1. Is the system overclocked? If so revert to Optimized Defaults (including no XMP or memory overclocking)

2. Reseat the GPU and check modular power cables are connected correctly

3. Run DDU (as suggested by Justin) and reinstall the latest WHQL driver from NVIDIA.
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Level 8
Thanks for the suggestions! *So I download afterburner and cranked the fans up to 100% and didn’t have anymore issues! *I’ll test using the auto fan setting from afterburner and see if it regulates the fan properly. *St 100% the fan didn’t get over 40c