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Rampage IV Extreme & i7 4930K Issue

Level 7
I just purchased a RIVE and i7 4930 ivy bridge E. The system will not boot. No memory, no video card, two different power supplies. If I press power, the system momentarily powers up, then shuts off. It then proceeds to power up and power over and over until I press and hold the power button. It doesn't get far enough to visually post, or beep complain about no video card or memory, nothing. It just loops, powering down then back up.

I assumed it was because the board wasn't updated to support Ivy Bridge-E cpus yet. So I successfully downloaded the 4403 bios, renamed it to R4E.CAP and dropped it on a USB stick. I'm guessing the bios flashed fine via the ROG connect because it flashed for quite a while then stopped. I pulled power, reattached, cleared bios settings and hit power. The system still continued to loop cycle. I pulled the memory, detached every peripheral from the ports. I even tried reseating the CPU. No luck. I really hope this is something simple. I don't want to have to RMA the board and/or CPU.


Level 40
Good man, now you just enjoy your system please.

Thread closed.
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