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Rampage IV Black+I74960X+GTX780TI Random shutdown new system.

Level 7
I'm coming from rampage II extreme which i never ever had any problems with.
(at stock or overclocked)

I need help with my new computer i have put togheter. Disappointed with this new system
Problem: It shuts down randomly. Can be whenever like browsing the web, or watching a video etc,
after 1 hour or after 12 hours and so on. Have not played any games with it.

Have check the temps, all looks good. around 68c in full load. Tested with Prime95.

Ram is tested in MemTest wih 4 pass errorfree (Took 14 hours 5 min)

I want to be running 4000 mhz on the CPU and 2133mhz on the ram to begin with.
How do i set up that correct in the bios?

As of now i have set the multiplier 40 and bclk 100 default.
and put in XMP on the ram.

A bit slow screen when booting up=the screen fades in which i find a bit strange,
but the system seems to be working fine otherwise, except for this random shutdown problem.
When it shuts down its like the Power has gone, takes a couple of seconds and then it restarts with a black
screen. Then i have to press the reset button on the chassi several times to get a screen back.

How do i get the computer not to shut down randomly? What is wrong with the system?

Rampage IV Black
Bios 0507

I7 4960X

Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 32GB 2133mhz
Partnr: CMD32GX3M4A2133C9

EVGA GTX 780 TI w/ ACX Cooler
Partnr: 03G-P4-2884-KR

PSU: Corsair RM1000

Level 13

1) You should enable XMP for the memory kit first and check if that is stable before moving to overclocking the CPU. Extreme Tweaker of section, select XMP. Check the Rampage IV guides for whereabouts of the relevant setting (might be in your MB manual, also).

2) In UEFI naviaget to the Extreme Tweaker section thenscroll down to the DIGI+ section. Press enter and set CPU Current Inrush to Enabled. (Save and exit afterwards obviously).


Level 7
Hello Raja,

Thanks for the reply.
I have it already XMP enable in bios. and have checked it in memtest with no errors.
But it shuts down randomly.

What about volts and the other settings in bios for 4ghz? Anything of them i need to change or should i have those at auto?

I will try as you say with Current Inrush to Enabled.

Level 13
Set Current Inrush to enabled and see if that affects the shutdowns. If not let us know. Do not OC the CPU until we have nailed the shutdowns. No point in trying to OC a system that is not completely stable already - I think you understand why these things are important 🙂

Level 7
Ok i see. I first set Everything at default and volt to auto then, and set Current Inrush to enabled.

and will post back here later how it works or if and when it shuts down.

Level 7
Couldn't find the "CPU current inrush" setting.
Only found " Current inrush inertia"
I guess you meant that one?

I have set it to enabled and XMP to enabled.

Level 13
Yep thats the one.

Level 7
Ok thanks.

I will have it like this now and see if and when it shuts down again.
I will report back how it goes!

Level 7
Enabling " Current inrush inertia" seems to have done the trick.
Been stable for over 16 hours straight now.

How do i begin OC this board the right way?
Can someone give some advice on settings and volts?