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Rampage IV Black Edition - MemTest86+ Failures, Won't install Linux

Level 7
No matter what I do w/ stock speeds and timings and swapping memory for known good memory from another Linux machine, MemTest86+ always reboots at around 43% to 47%. Every. Single. Time.

Not a single Linux installer works / completes, regardless of kernel flags.


For years, I've never been able to get any version of Linux installed (QubesOS, Arch, Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Fedora, etc). They all lockup or reboot at various installer prompts. Windows 8.1, 10 and 2016 Server install and run perfectly fine, including hardcore gaming for many hours at a time. Now, I have decided to get to the bottom of these Linux issues for good.

Asus Rampage IV Black Edition, latest BIOS
Intel 4930k
(mem kits) 16 GB Mushkin 2133mhz, 16 GB Mushkin 1600mhz, 4 GB Corsair 1600 Mhz
2x Nvidia Titans
1 TB Samsung SSD
EVGA 1300 G2 PSU

I've gone 100% back to stock speeds, used both XMP and non-XMP memory settings. Multiple BIOS resets.
I've manually set the memory timings to Profile 1 and 2 timings per stick (1333 Mhz and 1600mhz on the older stuff).
I've swapped the 4930k for another 4930k I had for another build.
Swapped the memory with known-good memory from another X79 system running Linux that Memtest86+ passed on for 24 hours.
Have tried single individual 4 GB memory sticks in various slots - all causes MemTest86+ to reboot at 43 to 47% tested.
Linux installs have been tested with acpi=off and noapic and various combinations with Arch and Ubuntu 16 and 18. Never completes.

Over the last 5 years, I've been running this 4930k @ 4.5-4.7Ghz range with a 160 Mhz clock. Memory has always been around ~2050 Mhz with various multipliers.

To this day, Windows 10 installs perfectly fine either at the 4.7 Ghz speed or back to stock speeds and stock timings - dozens of times (I format regularly). Absolutely zero issues.

I've read the thread with others that try to get Linux installed and running into lockups as well.

Do I just have a lemon?

With the (colluded) price of DDR4, there's no way in hell I want to upgrade. But as of today, I need a functional highend Linux desktop. And my prized gaming machine is failing me.

Do I need to drop the Titans for AMD perhaps?

Does MemTest86+ pass on anyone's system? For the record, I'm running it in concurrent mode.