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Rampage IV Black Edition ASMedia RAID controller

Level 7
Hello everyone,
I have spent the last 24 hours racking my brain around this issue and I couldn't find anything specifically related to it on the black edition mobo. I have found similar issues related to the RIVE but I believe it's a different raid controller as well as a slightly different problem.

I have 4 SSD's (256gb Vertex 4's) that are plugged into the 4 ports closest to the bottom of the mobo (Which I believe to be the 4 that are 6gb ports on the ASMedia RAID controller.)

The SSD's all show up in the BIOS as hard drives

When I enable RAID mode in the SATA options, I believe this is strictly for the built in intel RAID controller, I can get into the RAID setup options only if I have a hard drive plugged into one of the 1st set of ports.

I set everything to "Enable" under the addon cards and features button for ASMedia just in case

I can NEVER see a hotkey to enter in the raid controller setup

I booted off of a CD to install windows 7 and it said that the drives were not bootable.

I am using BIOS Version 0403

I want to say that I read somewhere that the ASMedia raid controller is for storage only and you can't boot off of it. I am not happy about this but i'll deal with it. Either way I have the following questions...

1. Is there a hardware RAID setup at all or does this all have to be done inside windows?
2. Can I boot from this RAID once I get it working?
3. Should I update to BIOS 0507?

Thank you for the help in advance, I tried to give as much detail as I could, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Level 7
in my case I have created a raid 0 on sata6g_ and sata6g_2 with 2 samsungs 256gb pro,s and windows 8.1. Works like a champ 🙂

As i have a big Cosmos 2 case with plenty of 2,3 and 4 TB hdd's i already installed a rockraid 2680 for 8 disks. Works like a champ 🙂

On the sata3g_1 i have connected a Blu Ray writer. Works like a champ

But now i having some problems with the Asmedia Sata6g controllers as i don't see any HDD contected to those 😞
As i read the manual they are used for data hdd they don't have raid option

But in my Rampage 3 blackedition i have that always working and in the bios i could use a second Raid option.
However this 4 seems to have only one and now i can't use my other 4 data disks 😞

Using the latest official bios think 7.01 ?

any help would be use as i don't want to put in a second sas card

And yes i know for a data storage system it's a big overkill but i just love the Blackedion serie 🙂