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Rampage IV BE Drivers/Utilites No Longer Being Updated

Level 10

Can someone tell me why it seems as though ASUS has just stopped updating drivers for the RIVE-BE (and just about all the other ASUS MB's I own)? Up until the release of the Rampage V, it seemed like a new BIOS, driver updates and utility updates were coming every few weeks. As it stands, the most recent BIOS for the RIVE-BE has been a beta 1801... that was added in July. What is going on? Has ASUS just decided not to support their older products, or is there a new support site or something? Right now I am updating drivers through Intel, Realtek and the like... I should not have to do this.

Any info on this would be appreciated,


Level 13

BIOS and drivers updates are posted as needed. If you wish to update drivers "just because" going to the component manufacturer or third party websites for them would be a viable option.

Level 7
Most likely because of x99. The BIOS team is probably busy with the new line of boards, and since the x79 platform is already matured/stable, it's placed on the back burner.

Level 10
compare apples to oranges the asus drivers for rive-be are fine no updates since it is what it is a x79 platform.
I tried other drivers and intels raid firmware from drivers station web site and things just not running stable as good ole asus drivers.
just heads up in my opinion...
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Level 9
For drivers ASUS was always lazy with putting the latest versions on their website. If one needs the latest - go to components' manufacturer website.

ASUS utilities/BIOS - look at history/available downloads for other MBs. Whenever newer generation of MB's in same product line was released, development of older MB's stopped. ASUS released Rampage V so I doubt we will ever see any new BIOS or AISuite II for Rampage IV. Same happened to Rampage III when Rampage IV was released and so on, so on. We were lucky to receive BIOS updates for X79 product line for so long because Intel rarely releases new products in enthusiast segment. But time has finally come for X79.

Level 7
or you could just go to station-drivers and get the latest drivers over there that site is constantly updated
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Level 7
You can get most of the drivers somewhere else np.
But the audio drivers, no.
The issue with realtek's hd driver is that it doesn't have working effects on the r4be.
The asus ver works fine but is old, and I have major doubts of it ever being updated.
So much for premium audio ^^.

As for the bios, the x79 bios being mature... lmao, it's not.
Even the ws board has major bios bugs.
Some of the same bugs that the be has, the r4be has more bugs then the r4e...
Which is complete bullcrap for a board that just came out a year ago and sold for a premium cost.

Oh and btw, stay away from Intel RAID RST v13.2.4.1000 x64.
Intel RAID RST v13.5.0.1056 x64 is ok though.
v13.2.4.1000 x64 causes my bdrw to go into an inf spinup loop until restart when no disk is in the tray on random.