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Rampage III Extreme not booting right

Level 7
Hi all,

I have a Rampage III Extreme here, which is doing something odd: fairly often it just gets to the logo screen and then doesn't boot any further. I can tab to the boot screen and if I press e.g. del it says it's going to go into BIOS, but doesn't - nothing further happens. After a few tries it usually seems to start working.

Any ideas what's going on here?

Level 16
Was that system working before? Or it's a new built?

Could you share more details about the components, please?

Level 10
First,simply the hardware device (contains all USB Port) ,only installed cpu,memory(1pcs),graphic card and keyboard
Then,start your PC,try to into the bios manual then into the boot-->boot setting configuration-->Full screen Logo-->Disabled

Finally,you can help to see the POST logo hang screen information?
If boot can try to install another hardware device(EX: HDD or others USB device)

May be associated with the storage device based on experience

above for your reference!!