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Rampage III Extreme no voltage in DRAM and no boot

Level 7
Im facing a boot up problem with my rampage iii extreme motherboard. Im using a Kingston DDR3 Memory and also a i7 920 processor. The issue is that on boot the CPU red light is on and nothing happens. I used my multimeter to check the voltages in the tests points and I detected that DRAM is not showing any voltage (with or without the memory inserted) all the rest does have voltage (CPU is with 1.5v).
I noticed that the FPCAP capacitor (the one that its next to the memory slots) is with a high temperature after a short period of time that the motherboard remains on (with CPU led flashing solid red). I tried with memgo button, nothing happens, the motherboard just restarts continuously without booting.

Can anyone give me some tips to check?? is it normal that if the CPU led is red the DRAM is without any voltage??

Appreciate if anyone can answer me.

Best regards