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Rampage III Black Edition: Chassis Intruded ! Fatal Error...

Level 11
I recently installed some new GPUs (2080s in SLI) and an SSD (and have never ever overclocked or meddled with the BIOS except for some minor fan speed tweaking). (This is with an older of two ROG Motherboards I own).

Anyhow, after doing these installations, on cold start after the system has been down for half a day or so, I get the message on start up--and this has been happening for the last few days--repeatedly. This is what it reads, word for word: New CPU Installed! Please enter Setup to configure your system. Chassis Intruded ! Fatal Error... System Halted.

All I do to rectify the situation is simply hold down the power switch till it powers down. Then I wait like no time at all, and then simply start it again, and it starts fine, every time. I am worried though that this process is not healthy, and that something may be wrong. I have no clue what to do though to fix the problem. The system runs totally fine though otherwise--even with a fair load gaming. HWMonitor reports no high temps, or anything like that--all seems to be perfect, in fact. Also, after starting up successfully, I have restarted again, shut the system off (normally) and powered up (started it) again, shut the system off (normally) and then cut the power (like I do every day after shutdown) and then powered up again, and have not seen the error occur with these tests.

It doesn't make sense that the battery would suddenly be the problem. I have also reset the CMOS, and it made no difference.

I imagine there is a small chance something minor might be shorted somewhere, but have no idea if that is true. Maybe a wire is pushing up against the board somewhere--that is possible. Also, the SSD I installed is a cheap thing (and just for some extra storage), but not listed on the QVL list, but it seems to work totally fine.