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Rampage Extreme BE Question...

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I just upgraded to this board from a regular RE III. So far Im loving it but Im getting some clicking sounds when I hit the power button. It 1st does it when it turns on right before the BIOS pops up and then again when the windows logo pops up. Another issue Im having is that it sometimes reboots itself when I 1st turn it on as if I just hit the cmos button. Nothing resets itself and it everything continues as if nothing ever happened. My specs are:

i7 980x
3x EVGA 480's
PSU Corsair AX1200
Corsair Dominator GT 1866 6gigs
RE Black Edition
OCZ Vertex 2 x2
OCZ Vertex Turbos x2
Intel SSD x2

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.:)

Level 7
If you are using the Thunderbolt, its the sound card. Its completely normal, it prevents speakers / headphone drivers from blowing.