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Rampage 4 freezing on start up my OS, sounds like onboard LAN faulty

Level 7
Hello guys i have freezings with my board from 1st day when os starts up. Problems is in my onboard lan adapter, before i thought some troubles with drivers i tryed reinstall drivers several times and nothing , testing all devices nothing wrong , i tried load up safe mode, on safe mode in first seconds looks like no freezing but if go to control panel trying to open settings lan freezing starts 😞 . But this just for 1-2 minutes ,later after 2 minutes everything ok

Level 16
Windows installation is corrupted for sure. sfc can not repair if the store is corrupted as well (Win8+ has a tool to recover from that but not Win7). At this point your only option is reinstalling the O/S. Either a clean installation or in-place upgrade installation if you don't want to start from scratch. The second option will repair everything BUT registry corruption (if registry is corrupted then only way is clean installation).

Before you reinstall Windows though, you should test your RAM with Memtest86+ (guide in HiVizMan's signature). There is no point reinstalling if the corruption source it's not dealt with first and 99.9% of the time it's RAM. Either faulty RAM or unstable overclocking of RAM.
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