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Rampage 4 Extreme Overclock Unstable after shutting down the pc even for an hour

Level 7
Greetings, as the title says my R4E has now started to make the overclocks unstable after turning off the pc even for an hour. It doesn't matter if I plug the electricity cable from the wall or simply turn off the pc without plugging off, it will be unstable. It sometimes even gets stuck at windows 10 opening screen. Sometimes it's that bad and sometimes I'm able to enter a game and it freezes after 30 seconds or so. This is all with a 3930k@4.7 with 1,42v on manual voltage. Then, I found out if I turn the overclock down to 44x at a reasonable voltage,it will actually play well till the end of time. And after some time passes and some magic of the witch sets into the cpu, I am able to turn it up a notch to 46x and 47x again. But when I turn it off it all gets lost in the ether again. I have zero clue why something like this would happen and it's pretty frustrating. I use 4901 version bios but it doesn't matter I've tried many bioses. I originally had 1101 bios and moved to 3602, some other 4xxx bios and this latest one, it's all the same. I don't know, it's been like 6 years or so since I bought the R4E, do you think it could be the cmos battery? Or what do you think? I really could use the help. I actually went out of my way to confirm this as ridiculous as it sounds. To test this, I never turned off my pc for 7 days and all this time I was able to run my old 47x overclock without a hitch. Then yesterday some thunderstorm came and I had to turn it off completely for an hour. When I turned it back on, this issue started to rear its head again.
Thanks for reading.