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Rampage 4 Extreme BF3

Level 7
Has this board been pulled of the shelves ? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Level 7
Probably limited but its just the regular Rampage IV Extreme with a BF3 download code.
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Level 40
Did you end up finding one?
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HiVizMan wrote:
Did you end up finding one?

Not in the US. I found some on Amazon UK but they won't deliver to US.

Level 7
Overclockers uk dude
"DHL Worldwide Express
DHL Worldwide Express is a premium service offering fast delivery across the world, with delivery from the UK to Australia in just 4 days door to door you really cannot ask for a better international service. "
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Level 7
why not just get the regular one...

although i do admit i wear the BF3 lanyard every day as my keychain... it replaced my previous corsair lanyard....
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Level 40
As far as I know there is no stock of the BF3 version anywhere in the UK. All the reputable dealers that I have contacted - VistaKing is also looking for one and asked me to help him source one - do not have stock, nor do they know when they will (if ever) get any. Most seem to be of the mind it is EOL product. If you do find a source please pm Vistaking at once he is really keen to get his hands on one.

To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.