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Rampage 4 extreme - 3+4 slot no PCI power lights - trifire issue

Level 7
Hello all!

Having a new issue with my rive4 extreme bf4 edition.

Have owned board since release day.

Recently did a fresh install from scratch. (Worth noting)

Worked fine for 2+.years. But recently I cannot get 3-way 7970s to work together (only 2-way works) and now 3rd and 4th PCI card slot won't power on with PCI light staying off though It is switched on.

Before lights went out the 4th PCI slot aka bottom card would show up in device manager but in catalyst 13.12 no options for xfire would show unless I removed 3rd card.

Before lights went out issues of recognizing 3rd bottom card existed.

Any ideas? About to try 3rd card In slot 2.

Did my PCI slots burn out? Update bios?

Tried CMOS clear. Not removal of battery tho.

Win7 64
Catalyst 13.12
Rampage 4 extreme bf4 edition
I7 3930k @ 4.7ghz @ 1.355v
X2 samsung 830 sad raid
Corsair dominator 2133mhz
Corsair 1200 psu
FSP axilluary.450 watt psu for 3rd 7970
X3 gigabyte 7970s
BIOS 3010

Thanks in advance!

Level 7
Computer is running at stock settings. Still problems exist.

Level 7
In device manager I saw under display adapters an error was showing for 3rd card. Can't reproduce exact error due to card is out right now but I think it was driver related.

Another error showing with 3 cards in and even now with just one card in is in Other Devices with an ! symbol next to it says PCI Simple Communication Controller

Level 7
Put 3rd card into slot 3 and light came on for slot 3. No fire options in catalyst cc. Error In Device Manager in Display Adaptors says "Windows has stopped device cause it has reported problems. error code 43

Level 14
Do you have the 6 pin pcie auxillary power cable connected to the mother board?

Level 7
Yup. Always been connected. Thanks for reply. I'm starting to think my FSP auxiliary psu is bad. That's only got 4 PCI power cords coming out of it all 8-pin. Dunno how that would explain no light showing next to the PCI slot switch for bottom lane for 3rd card (which was using the FSP 2nd psu)

Level 7
What's best way to totally reset motherboard back to factory settings? I'm guessing remove battery? How long should battery be out?

warhog22 wrote:
What's best way to totally reset motherboard back to factory settings? I'm guessing remove battery? How long should battery be out?

Simply use the clear CMOS button on the in/pit panel.

Bridges are very fragile and break easy.

Look in your bios GPU/DIMM
Midway down the main OC page.

See if all your VGA (graphic cards) are picked up.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 7
Now it's saying one of my crossfire bridges is not connected right... Do these things break easily? I've taken them off a good 10 times... Over the years...