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Rampage 3 Gene Overclock (?)s

Level 7
It's been a while since I've messed around with x58 but I downsized not too long ago and it's time to overclock. I just have a few simple questions...I hope.

1.Qpi Link Data Rate - I'm guessing that this setting is per cpu. I have an i7 970 and it's rate is 4800 MT/s. Is this setting set in stone for all cpus? When I started my overclock, I was originally leaving it at "auto" . I have since hit a wall and started my overclock with a different approach and this is one of the settings that I am going to manually set.

2. UCLK Frequency - to my understanding, a hexcore only needs 1.5x the rated ram speed. Is this correct? My ram is rated for 2000mhz so I would set it(UCLK) at 3000mhz? I have been leaving this on auto. Unfortunately, every time I change this from auto, I start crashing. Is there something else I should be looking at? I originally had this chip up to 4.25Ghz with this on auto

3. CPU Differential Amplitude - how do I know how much I need? I have been setting it to 800mv just because that's what "everybody" else was doing. I would like to know the reasons behind and if there's a better choice.

My goal is 4.2Ghz with 6gigs of ram at or close to the rated 2000mhz. It'd be nice to see some other 970 templates. Thanks in advance