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Ram Trouble Yay

Level 7
Just built my new pc using a Rampage IV Formula motherboard gifted to me by a friend.
Everything is working great except it is not recognizing one of my ram modules.
CPU-Z sees it, but not the bios or system. I've played ram slot musical chairs, and reseated my cpu and the issue remains.

Any ideas on a possible fix? Or am I forever stuck having 12gb of ram.

Level 40
Hey Vizth 🙂

What RAM? exact kit...leters and numbers code...

When you are doing the musical chairs are you making sure you are seating the RAM is easy to close the latch on one end without it being seated properly...

Is it always the same slot that appears unpopulated? have you checked each stick individually in red slot right of CPU to see if one is a bad stick...

Reseating the CPU did you give the socket pins a good check to see if any are bent etc. What cooler do you it seated evenly and tightened evenly all the way down?

You setting the RAM up XMP?