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R4E - SSD shown up as SCSI

Level 8

I have a big problem my Samsung 830 SSD is shown up as an SCSI Device so the SSD is not recognized by the following Software:

Samsung SSD Magician

I contacted the Samsung support and they said that there a some other people who have this issue.

What i did:

I reinstalled windows 7 (64bit) completely new and installed the drivers from the asus site

i figured out that one of the Intel drivers makes that issue.

There a 3 Intel drivers for the Rampage 4 Extreme:

Intel Management Engine
Intel Rapid Storage
and the Chipset driver

In the Bios its all on default incl. AHCI mode ON

My SSD is on the first RED SATA 6GB/s Port (I also tryed to switch the ports)

Here is a Picture:
Red -> connected to SATA6_1 Port
Yellow -> connected to SATA2 Port
Green -> connected to SATA6_E1 Port


My System:

Asus Rampage IV Extreme
Intel Core i7-3960X standart clocked
Corsair H80 Watercooling
32GB Kingston Hyper Genesis X DDR-3 RAM
2x Nvidia GTX 570 SLi
Enermax Revolution 85+ 950 Watts PSU
Samsung 830 128GB SSD
Seagate Barracuda 3TB
Windows 7 Enterprise x64 SP1


I tested the SATA 6GB/s Ports which controlled by the ASMedia driver with my SSD and the issue is gone.

But now the SSD is ~ 30% slower than before.

what can i do to fix that?!
Please help!

Level 12
Yeah its slower on those ports because of the latencys mate. I dont use that software so for me its not a problem. RAID 0 SSD Windows on Intel, RAID 0 SSD's Programmes on Asmedia.

I have no RAID!

I only wanna use the Samsung SSD Magician to optimize my SSD & System and i wanna see the estimated lifetime of my SSD.

Thats impossible with those crappy intel drivers.

I Also tryed it with a Crucial m4 and a Corsair F80 ssd same **** with it.

So what can i do now?

Buy an other Mainboard or what? :mad:

You can either wait for Intel to fix the problem or use another solution that doesn't use an Intel controller I guess. I suspect that if this is a repeatable issue that they will fix it eventually but no way to know for sure if/when.
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xeromist wrote:
You can either wait for Intel to fix the problem or use another solution that doesn't use an Intel controller I guess./when.

No Asus need to fix that!

Here is another answer from the INTEL Support:

Thank you once more for contacting Intel Technical Support.

I have checked one of our testing system that has the same disk controller and confirmed that all drives are being shown as SATA devices. This leads us to believe that the issue could be related to the way this chipset was integrated to your Asus motherboard.

Please let them know that you have troubleshot the issue with us, and that everything from the driver perspective seems correct. Again, this issue is not happening in our testing systems.

Paul C.

i tested it now on my Rampage III Extreme and there it works perfectly without this issue..

Also the SSD is faster on the Rampage III Extreme as on the Rampage IV Extreme...

please fix it... :mad:

I guess your ssd performance is normal even if it shown up as SCSI. I have lil better performance with RST installed. If you want get ride of SCSI in device manager then you can uninstall intel c600 and select standard AHCI.

start > right clic on computer > properties > disk manger > storage controllers.
right click on c600 > properties > driver < update driver > select brows my computer...> select let me pick from a list > select Standard AHCI serial ATA controller > select next > restart.

RST will not be available after but some software, like CrystalDiskInfo will work normal and your disk will shown up as ssd in device manager.

To install back c600 just do as uninstall. c600 is found under IDE ATA/ATAPI controller. Instead of under "storage controllers" as previous. Here is some screenshots also, with rst installed and uninstalled. Hope this help someone. I dont know what problem is, i think it is intels rst driver that not working as it should.

c600 installed

c600 uninstalled

It seems that my two Corsair Performance Pro 256G SSDs in RAID 0 are impacted by this problem. My benches are coming in lower than my previous generation MOBOs. I am assuming that this is due to the SCSI driver being loaded rather than the AHCI driver.
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Level 7
For those of you who are wondering here is more updated information on Asus Forum

And on Intels site

I have a Intel 320 and I can't use the optimizer to optimize the drive also s.m.a.r.t is reported as disabled in the toolbox.

There will be a fix but who knows when...

You can for now, if you want, change the driver to Microsofts standard ahci, raid driver. Go to device manager, click on the Intel C600 controller driver. Choose let me pick driver and use standard ahci serial ata or raid driver. I've tried it. It works perfectly but I prefer using the Intel driver because the Microsoft driver is old.
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Corsair Carbide Air 540
Corsair AX 860i PSU
Corsair K70 LUX RGB Keyboard
Samsung 850 EVO 512GB SSD
Samsung 830 256GB SSD
Intel 320 SSD
Creative Sound Blaster ZxR
Windows 10 Professional 64-bit (Latest)

So now I'm really pissed of :mad:

The Intel Support replied to me:

Thank you once more for contacting Intel Technical Support.

We have just reviewed the functionality of the controller on our testing systems, and all devices are reported as Serial ATA. This issue seems to be isolated to Asus motherboards, perhaps because of the way they are integrating our chipset on their boards.

For troubleshooting, I can recommend loading the Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology:

If that does not work, then my next suggestion would be to contact Asus to find out if any similar issues have been reported, and if they have any workarounds.


Paul C.

I mean what the **** is going on with Intel the IRST makes this issue and now is Asus the troublemaker lol

Level 11
Have you downloaded the newest Intel storage drivers from asus they fix a few problems?