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[R3E Black Edition] Unofficial Support Thread

Level 7
Just wondering why we were not receiving any support for the motherboard, so I started this thread.

The thread is for both:
ASUS Rampage III Extreme Black Edition + ASUS Thunderbolt

We have reported plenty of issues, we would love some info from others, and obviously responses with ASUS.

Level 7
Raja @ Asus is helping me out with the above on another forum, you can disregard..Thanks.

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I had somewhat the same issue, memory slots C1 and C2 not showing up in BIOS. After checking a million things, calling ASUS, changing RAM sticks to QVL supported ones, I finally discovered a bent landing pad on the socket (180° backwards). Needeless to say, it was a pain to put it back into place 😞
Just my 2 cts

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Been reading through these posts.. When I built my system late April, I was having issues with the ddr3 @ 1600.. but instead of playing went down to 1333 for sticks with better latency.. I just figured it was an issues with the old sticks being a newer version than what was on the QVL, but onto the real Issue Im having:

On Windows 7 ultimate, I'm having issues with the thunderbolt audio side.. If I have any 2 programs open thats using sound, both sound stops working.. I close out of the programs, the sound comes back.. when using Wow, BF bad cmo[any, or any game + vent/xfire chat, the game programs tends to crash, but windows isnt generating and pop-up errors (note to self, check the event viewer)..
I've disabled the onboard sound in device manager, still happens (only seems to less frequently).
I couldnt find any new downloads for drivers, so I havent been able to update those to see if thats the issue.

Other than that, love the board.. everything in my case is either corsair or Asus.. never really have any huge issues with stuff from either company. XD

Thx for any Help.

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Im Having a pretty devastating problem, Ive been working on my rig for about 6 months now and finally went to boot for the first time.. I was able to boot and start installing drivers before I started getting an error, F.F.

After installing the Blue tooth drivers I was prompted to restart the PC, I did, and then the machine got stuck.. Wont boot, no BIOS post, nothing..

I really hope someone can help.. Ive put alot of work into this machine and cant figure out what could possibly be wrong...