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Quick Question on BIOS

Level 9
Hey all, just a quick question on the bios for a ME iV-z, I recently purchased a 980ti and its due for delivery in approx 2 day, I've just seen on another forum some issues with the card being installed on z68 boards and a bios update may help (it didnt help the thread started on the forum) but I thought I'd dl the latest update, so when my card arrives if it doesnt work I will update the bios, however on the asus webpage I am unable to access the driver/tools tab on the page for m board, so cant dl the bios from the offical source, this is the direct link - and I get the error page cannot be displayed - is anyone else able to view the page?

Also - does anyone happen to have the same board as myself and a 980ti that they can confirm works? (just to put my mind at ease while I await my new card before I can tr for myself)
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Level 9
It will probably work on the old BIOS if it is a "Legacy" BIOS.... if you update the BIOS to UEFI then you should get an option to boot Legacy oROMS... which you should probably turn on. (All this does is make the BIOS run the old reliable Legacy video code to setup the video card for you properly before booting)

I don't have your board or a 980ti though, so can't confirm.