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Questions on SLI and PCIe slots

Level 7
I have a Maximus Extreme Vi and am thinking about SLI 2 GTX 670's
Here is my issue.
The manual says if you use any PCIe slot as well as the first, the slots slow to 8x. No biggie, however I am also running PCIe Audio card, PCIe SSD Raid (Revodrive) and a dual NIC PCIe card.

Is it worth putting in a 2nd GPU and if so, which slot do I use and can I keep my other cards?

Your manual should say for 2 gpu's you would use slot 1 and slot 2b. Nic card and ssd would go in slots 3 and 4. Adding a 2nd gpu would give you almost double performance in your games although it looks like you would have to lose your sound card. You can use the audio jacks on the back of your motherboard or if you game with a headset and your case has audio jacks in the front, you could use those as well. Is it worth it? Most definitely, What psu do you have?