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Question on setting up Asus ROG Maximus VI Formula MB

Level 7
Hi all -

I'm setting up my Asus ROG Maximus VI Formula MB and have 2 questions for connections on it:

1. On the upper left hand corner there is the 8 pin power plug and a 4 pin power plug right to the left of it. I have my PSU connected to the 8 pin power plug, however, I cannot find a cable that fits the 4 pin power plug. I have the 24 pin power plug connected. Is the 4 pin one optional? The manual seems unclear if both the 8 and 4 pin need to be connected. MY PSU is a Corsair AX1200i watt. I looked through all the cables and don't see a cable that would connect to that 4 pin one. So currently I have the 24 pin and 8 pin connected but haven't turned on the computer yet.

My second question is about a chassis fan connector. I have the rear one connected and 2 fans that are in the front of the case. However, I don't see on the board or in the manual another chassis fan connector to connect both the fans in the front of the case. Can I connect the 3rd chassis fan to the W-pump+ connecter? It fits but would that mess up the settings on the MB?

Thanks for your help!

The 4-pin is supplemental so unless you have a significant overclock and a lot of devices powered by the board you would be fine.

The main issue with using a pump connector is that the speed reading is going to be different for a fan. Often though the speed isn't really important to the motherboard. It just wants to know things are still spinning. Often pump headers are just overbuilt fan headers to handle the increased current needs of pumps.
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Thank you for the advice very helpful! 😃