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Question about ASUS Maximus VI GENE + mPCIe Combo

Level 7
Hello Everyone! After researching for almost a week i couldn't been able to find information about how the specs and how the technology of the mPCIe Combo Card works ... So here i am asking for some little help for the experts 🙂

As you can read in the title i'm owner of a ASUS Maximus VI GENE motherboard and since i'm not a big fan of cables and SSD are way to expensive in Argentina i decided to use the mPCIe Combo card to use it as an standalone drive for all my static content (OS / Games) and my external drive for other stuffs so a 480 GB will be enough for everything.

The thing is, that i'm not sure about the compatibility of the mPCIe Combo Card, i have read in the ASUS microsite of this motherboard that is compatible both with mSATA and M.2 cards

So ... here are my questions:

¿Using which of them i will be able to achieve SATA III speeds?
In case that none of them can achieve SATA III speeds but only SATA II ¿There will be some noticeable difference against an standard HDD, for example WD Black 1TB (FAEX) ?

I'm sorry if i am confusing concepts about msata and m.2 cards and reading this make your eyes bleed xD but as i said before, i'm not really familiar with this technology.