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Qled stays on "00"

Level 7
Hi there ,

I got an Asus maximus VII ranger board
But im used to see the Qled code on OA but now it stays on "00"
everything wotrks fine though but the led code wont changes ...should i be worry'd?
i know the code means not in use... but every thing just works fines so im currious what is not in use...

Asus maximus VII ranger
I5-4670 K
8GB ripjaws XMS
Asus GTX760 (striker Platinum)

Level 7
QLED? You mean like this here?:


If so, well my QLED is near my ram slots on the top right of my board, not my sata ports on the bottom left. Mine stays at A0, I'd also like to know why for my case. I thought that tiny screen was supposed to represent cpu temps, or some kind of temp. I'm using a Maximus Gene VII


No i really mean 00

i tryd setting bios to optimal default but will not change.. when i turn on my pc when window loge starts its says A0 when welkom starts its says 00

that tiny screen is your Qled that will indicate the code on your motherboard not the temp off the CPU ..(problems that you may occure) look inside your user manual .